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Meet the Lesson Horses


is a steady eddy lesson horse. She has been a very reliable beginner horse. She is calm and patient. Jetbar is a Quarter Horse who is loaned to VEC during her semi-retirement. She had several years off as a broodmare and the staff at VEC have worked to slowly bring her back into working shape. As we continue to use her in our program she shows us that she can do more than we had originally hoped! Go Jetbar!



is our second oldest lesson horse. Champ is a Paint Quarter Horse cross. Standing 15 hh. He has been on the property the longest. He started his life as a staff horse for the YFBC staff and slowly progressed to a lesson horse as he aged. He had many quirks as a young horse, with several people having great “young Champ” stories to tell. Now he is a solid beginner horse. Nothing phases Champ. He recently started being a vaulting horse! He is a beloved senior citizen at YFBC and VEC.



was donated to VEC. He has quite the swayback which led him to early retirement from his job on a cattle ranch. He is 15.2 hh and is a Quarter Horse cross. Today Scout does beginner lessons and we are careful to not overload his back. Keeping active, maintaining muscle strength, flexibility, a healthy weight, and strong bone density, and still having a job to keep healthy brain function, is important for horses' longevity. Scout is happiest when he has something to do!



is an exceptional jumping horse who has donated to VEC. Albert is a “packer” type and knows his job when it comes to jumping! He used to show at 3 feet until he developed severe allergies. His allergies affect his ability to show as showing often entails a more dusty environment combined with the heat of summer. At VEC Albert is in the jumping lesson program and we take care to manage environmental irritants to keep his asthma in check. In spring and fall when environmental pollutants are the worst Albert receives a couple of weeks of holidays. Albert is an Off the Track Thoroughbred (OTTB) and is 16.1hh.



was purchased to be a lesson horse. He is a cute Welsh Cob/Quarter Horse cross. He stands at 14hh. He has an amazingly easy-to-ride canter and great jump! However Roper can be a little looky at new things, so he requires his riders to ride confidently and keep him focused! He is a great teacher.



was donated to VEC. She actually doesn’t have much of a resume. She sat in a lady’s pasture alone and did not have a job for years. The lady eventually gave her to a student of VEC to use. The student put some great work into her and got her training going again nicely! Unfortunately, Smokey had some issues getting along with the students' other horses due to her years of solitude. The student decided to give Smokey to VEC. VEC spent two years rehabilitating Smokey’s attitude towards other horses. It was a mix of fear and aggression. Now Smokey can finally live peacefully with the lesson herd! She is an excellent lesson horse, and can even jump small jumps! She still holds onto her sassy attitude, but as we say at VEC “every horse has a unique personality and every horse has something to teach you”. She is a Quarter Horse cross standing at 14.2 hh.



Is our youngest lesson horse! He had some training as a young horse and then had a couple years off. He is a well bred performance Quarter Horse. He will be in training for the next year with our coaches. Once he is ready to start his career as a lesson horse he will become an advanced western horse. Talon has beautiful movement and we look forward to having him in our program.



was a shared purchased between Janelle (Cheralyne’s sister) and VEC. Tucker is an OTTB standing at 16.3hh. He has an excellent resume in the jumping ring, having competed in jumpers and eventing, jumping fences up to 1.10 meters! He is now used in the jumping program only with Cheralyne. Tucker is a talented horse and is a horse that our students who are ready to advance their jumping careers may ride.



is a 13.2hh Newfoundland Pony. He’s stinking cute. He was purchased by VEC from a student who was using him as a jumping horse. He is used in our beginner jumping program and knows his job! He will aim himself at the jumps! Oscar has severe asthma (which is why we were able to purchase this lovely horse) which limits how much work he can do. We manage his environment to assist his breathing and his workload is reduced to accommodate his ability. Oscar is also an escape artist and uses his small size to his advantage. However, he doesn’t go far once escaped. We think he just enjoys the thrill of knowing he can get out of his pen.



is a small 12hh Welsh Pony. She is a great beginner horse for small kids. She has a great walk, trot, canter and excellent ground manners. Ironically Sugarfoot has a form of horse diabetes (we call it Insulin Resistance in horses), and she needs to be on a special diet. Grass has too much sugar which makes her sick and her feet swell (laminitis). She, therefore, is on a hay diet year-round. However, with the proper management of her environment, Sugarfoot is a happy little pony!



is a miniature pony standing 10 hh. He is our lesson horse of choice for riders 6 and under! He is also trained to drive and can pull you around on the toboggan! Silver was also donated to the camp.



is currently doing a great job of being a Therapeutic Riding horse. He has a great swinging walk that is suited to Therapeutic Riding. Levi used to be a ranch horse, and worked and roped cattle. He has perfect ground manners and great lateral work. Now he is semi-retired in our program. His arthritis keeps him mostly as a walk-trot lesson horse, cantering occasionally when he’s feeling balanced. The more Levi works and continues to move the better his arthritis is. Any time off actually makes Levi very uncomfortable as he chooses to move less, thus increasing the discomfort of arthritis. It is important for all horses to move! 



is a Paint/Quarter horse gelding. He was a western horse in his life prior to VEC. He is now used in both English and western lessons.



is Cheralyne's horse! Ralista is a Canadian Warmblood who has an extensive show record. Ralista has shown in 1m jumpers, has done cross country at the pre-training level (including tackling many training level sized jumps), and currently competes at Third Level in Dressage. Ralista is a talented horse that is only used for the most experienced riders in our program. Ralista does not jump anymore, and is available for riders who want to advance their dressage.



is a miniature mare. She is very gentle and willing!



is a paint mare. Belle likes to go! She has done a lot of trail riding - which is her biggest strength. She has done some jumping and seems to enjoy it. Belle is for the advanced riders.



is a Thoroughbred gelding who has a background in eventing! Richie even competed in the United States at several Horse Trials. When it comes to jumping Richie knows his job, and he is one of our horses for experienced riders as he is still quite quick. Richie is very brave and will try anything asked of him.

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