Indoor Arena

VEC boasts a beautiful large indoor arena, newly built-in 2019. Our arena is 90x212’. There is lots of space for any equestrian activity. Inside the arena, space is provided for horses to be tacked up. The arena is brightly lit with LED lights, giving it a cheery atmosphere.

Outdoor Arenas

We have two outdoor arenas, one that is 130x230’, which we often use as our main jumping arena in the summer months. The second arena is kept clear for flatting and is 70x140’.


Round Pen

Our round pen is 60’ in diameter with nice tall wood fences, making it a safe place to train in for horse and rider.



As we are a young and growing facility we are working to expand our paddocks and pastures alongside the numerous other additions we have tackled. There are currently two main paddocks, each equipped with a shelter and automatic watering systems. These paddocks act as the winter pens for the horses as well as “catch pens” during the summer during their working hours. There are several smaller pens for horses kept short term.



We boast three large pastures, with a 4th on its way (planted summer 2020). In our endeavour to ensure our horses' health and welfare, we have adapted a “pasture paradise” system that incorporates interconnected runways between pastures to encourage the natural movement of the horses. In an effort to be good stewards of our environment, we ensure pastures are rotationally grazed to promote optimal forage growth. Pastures are routinely checked and maintained each year, including removing invasive weed species, pest control, manure management, fertilization, and ensuring there are no hazards that crop up.


Arena (Lesson Program) Equipment


VEC offers a strong English riding program and is the only facility in the area that offers English training. We have both a full hunter and jumper course, a small cross country course, and both a small and international sized dressage arena. We have equipment for Working Equitation Obstacle Courses, and often offer Working Equitation lesson nights to work through the obstacle portion of the discipline. We also have the equipment for gymkhana events including poles and barrels. No matter the discipline you ride, VEC can accommodate you!