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Horse Camp

3-Day Intensive Horse Riding Camps

Join us for a horse camp! Horse camp is an intensive 3 days of horse, horse, horse!

Each day you will receive TWO riding lessons, ONE theory lesson/fun horse game that sneakily makes you learn something, and a lunch on us! Days start at 10 am and go until 4 pm. Camps run from Tuesday to Thursday.

In our Horse Day Camps 1-2, riders will be put in groups with their skill level. They will be assigned an instructor to continue their skill progression over the three-day camp.  English and Western Riders are welcome!

(We will not have Horse Day Camp 3 for 2022): Advanced Horsemanship/Multidisciplinary Camp. For riders ages 13-18. This is a camp for riders who have their own horses! Riders must be able to walk/trot/canter proficiently. Whether you ride English or Western, this camp is for you! Learn from our professional trainers the tips and tricks learned across the disciplines that will improve your riding and knowledge as a horseperson! At this camp, you will advance your horsemanship, technique, and training skills. Each day you will be introduced to two new disciplines of riding and will have the opportunity to try out and learning training tips from each discipline under the high-quality tutelage of our professional staff. The disciplines you will be introduced to at this camp include Western Horsemanship/English Equitation, Dressage (English or Western), Show Jumping, Working Equitation, Trail, and Mounted Games. This camp must have a minimum of 7 riders to go ahead. Bring your own equipment. If you have both English and Western gear please bring both. If not, we have limited equipment that can be borrowed.


Horse Day Camp 1: July 12-14  -  (Ages 7-12)

Vaulting Horse Camp 2 : August 2-4  -  (Ages 7-12)

VEC is excited to run its very first Vaulting Horse Camp!! Vaulting is described as gymnastics on horseback and it is essentially “dancing” with your horse! It can be done as a competitive sport or as a non-competitive activity. This camp will be an introduction to vaulting and is for anyone interested in wanting to compete and or take vaulting lessons, which will be offered in the fall!

This year we are keeping our camps smaller, using just our VEC lesson horses.

We will not be allowing campers to bring their own horses for the 2022 camp season. 




We have space for 10 participants in each camp. Spots fill fast!

If not enough registrants, the camp will be cancelled and participants refunded.

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