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Equine-Assisted Learning

School Groups // Youth Groups // Sports Teams // Corporate Team Building 

What is Equine-Assisted Learning?

Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) is a form of personal development, using the horses as teachers.

Horses give immediate feedback and cannot lie. This provides the participants with the environment to receive specific and honest feedback on their actions and choices. Horses demand strong leadership and clear communication. This encourages people to recognize how their actions are affecting the horse, causing the person to use introspection to discover what they need to change in order to be successful in working through the obstacles with the horse. The self-realization that EAL provides is unrivalled. Only when the participant conscientiously makes the decision to improve or change their behaviour, will their partnership with the horse evolve. EAL is used effectively for people of all ages and in all walks of life. Whether you are a youth or a CEO of a large company, personal growth opportunities are something that we should never stop attaining.


Target Objectives: (group leaders have the opportunity to choose specific objectives)

Trust, respect, teamwork, leadership, communication, articulation, active listening, reading and using body language, self-esteem, empowerment, confidence, decision making, problem-solving, creativity, plan formulation, negotiation,  common sense,  critical thinking skills, courage,  appreciating and respecting difference, fun, goals, perseverance, hard work, self-awareness, self-control, integrity,  and many more!


Who is EAL for?

Anyone age 7+. This includes school groups, youth groups, sports teams, families, and corporate professional development retreats/sessions. For school groups, EAL is specifically beneficial as a weekly early intervention program. It is effective in creating youth resiliency, leadership skills, empowerment, the ability to work as a team, and makes an excellent hands-on anti-bullying program. No prior horse experience is required.

Minimum Number of Sessions

There is no minimum. Each EAL lesson is created to stand-alone or as part of a building block curriculum. Since personal development and growth is an ongoing process, we highly recommend booking a six (6) week program. Often the first session participants are getting comfortable with the horses and learning to conquer fear, anxiety, and uncertainty; the more sessions we have with you the more objectives we can cover (see target objectives). For corporate groups, we offer a full-day event, with two EAL sessions, lunch, and a one-hour interactive classroom session on leadership and team building.

What is the cost?

Groups of 2 - $70 per person/session. 

Groups of 3-4 - $60 per person/session.

Groups of 5-10 - $50per person/session.

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